In fall 2016 - 5 New ZDM Project enter our family. Here we you will find a short presentation and link to their websites.



The aim of the ForZDM project is to develop and demonstrate tools to support the rapid deployment of ZDM solutions in industry and design more competitive and robust multi-stage manufacturing systems.

The proposed ZDM approach is based on the combined adoption of new knowledge-based data-gathering and root-cause analysis solutions to reduce the generation of defects as well as new on-line defect management and improved production traceability solutions to mitigate the propagation of defects along the production line stages.

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Zero-defect manufacturing of composite parts in the aerospace industry

The ZAero project will provide a solution by developing inline quality control methods for the key process steps: automatic lay-up and curing. At the system level decision support systems will be developed that assist human decision-making when assessing defects and when planning the part flow through the production line. These will be supported by simulation tools for part verification and logistical planning.

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Short project description:  “The quality of products is a key factor for success in manufacturing industry along with the reduction of material waste, re-works, rejects and stocks, leading to a demand for the development of zero-defect strategies at system level.

The GO0D MAN project intends to realize a fully functional, replicable and therefore widely exploitable solution able to manage the production in an advanced way, employing multi-agent systems, smart on-line inspection tools and data analytics, for implementing a Zero defect Manufacturing (ZDM) strategy. Full success will consist in the demonstration in three relevant industrial cases, which represent more than 80% of the manufacturing sector.”

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  • Z-DETECT: early detection of the defect
  • Z-PREDICT: prediction of the defect generation
  • Z-PREVENT: prevention of defect generation by recalibrating the production line, as well as defect propagation in later stages of the production
  • Z-REPAIR: reworking/remanufacturing of the product, using additive and subtractive manufacturing techniques
  • Z-MANAGE: management through event modelling, KPI (key performance indicators) monitoring and real-time decision suppor

Reduction of production costs by 21% , increased Verification according to objectives, 1,000 new jobs created and over 45M€ROI for the consortium



STREAM-0D – Zero Defect Manufacturing Solutions

The STREAM-0D project aims to create an innovative control system integrated in industrial production lines able to reduce the product variability, increase the line flexibility, and achieve zero defect production.

This will be possible by means of multi-physics simulation models able to predict in real-time the product quality indicators in response to critical input parameters (such as components dimensions, material properties, etc.). The models are fed with actual data from online measurements: based on the model prediction, they allow workers to control the critical steps of the line so to adjust the product to the exact design specifications, or to quickly change specifications for producing customized batches.

The STREAM-0D system will therefore help manufacturing industries to reach the following high-level objectives:

  • Higher product quality with low variability aiming at zero defects
  • Short product development cycles, with high production line re-configurability
  • Lower manufacturing costs


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