4ZDM - Zero Defect Manufacturing 4EUROPE

Kick-Off for the ZDM SUB Platform

5th October 2017 from10-16 in Brussels

The event will be arranged in Covent Garden see "New Event" for Registration and Agenda

Industrial speakers in all branches

MODRAGON Machine tool builder 

CURIDA Medical producer 

GKN Aerospace Jet turbines

PHILIPS Electrical devices


ZDM Subplattform agenda.PNG


The 4ZDM cluster will affect 40% of European Manufacturing Industry, with a total number of 35 Million European employees.

4ZDM cluster activities:

  • Contribution to international standards
  • Industrial workshops and demonstrators
  • Common vision of zero defect manufacturing paradigm
  • Cooperation with external Networks,
  • Organisations and EU and national initiatives
  • Planned Industrial 4ZDM workshop

4ZDM represent currently 9 FoF Projects:
58 partners, 16 end-users, 18 technologyproviders, 24 RTD/Universities from 11 countries, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

The 4ZDM is expanding with 5 new FoF Projects - visit their webpages

FOCUS a Horizon 2020 CSA with research priorities

FOCUS consist of 5 different Clusters with 5 different reserach topics 4ZDM is a partner

  • ZDM Cluster
  • Clean Manufacturing Cluster
  • Robotic Cluster
  • High Presicion Manufacturing Cluster
  • Maintenance and Support Cluster


  • Added value beyond the state of art
  • Speeding up industrial exploitations and take up's
  • Stimulating new Networks
  • Effective execution of activities
  • Provide help to IPR and standarization
  • Increase exploitation and dissimination activities
  • Provide common business ad comercial potentials
  • Create New roadmap for future FoF Priorities

See ROADMAP's on -wich will contribute to the Strategic approach to EU reserach and innovation policy

Contact info:
Coordinator: Odd.Myklebust@ntnu.no
Contact: Ragnhild.Eleftheriadis@sintef.no

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Read more about our CSA Cluster activities and Newsletters on www.focusonfof.eu

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