4ZDM - Zero Defect Manufacturing 4EUROPE

We are expanding our nettwork with 5 new ZDM Projects

Do you want to join the movement of Zero Defect with a core on Zero Defect Manufacturing Methodology (ZDM)

The potential impact of the 4ZDM cluster will affect 40% of European Manufacturing Industry, with a total number of 35 Million European employees.

4ZDM cluster activities:

  • Contribution to international standards
  • Industrial workshops and demonstrators
  • Common vision of zero defect manufacturing paradigm
  • Cooperation with external Networks,
  • Organisations and EU and national initiatives
  • Planned Industrial 4ZDM workshop

4ZDM represent currently 9 FoF Projects:
58 partners, 16 end-users, 18 technologyproviders, 24 RTD/Universities from 11 countries, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, Israel, Italy, The Netherlands, Norway, Russia, Spain, Switzerland and United Kingdom.

The 4ZDM is expanding - 5 New FoF projects

FOCUS a Horizon 2020 CSA with research priorities

FOCUS consist of 5 different Clusters with 5 different reserach topics 4ZDM is a partner

  • ZDM Cluster
  • Clean Manufacturing Cluster
  • Robotic Cluster
  • High Presicion Manufacturing Cluster
  • Maintenance and Support Cluster


  • Added value beyond the state of art
  • Speeding up industrial exploitations and take up's
  • Stimulating new Networks
  • Effective execution of activities
  • Provide help to IPR and standarization
  • Increase exploitation and dissimination activities
  • Provide common business ad comercial potentials
  • Create New roadmap for future FoF Priorities

See ROADMAP's on -wich will contribute to the Strategic approach to EU reserach and innovation policy

Contact info:
Coordinator: Odd.Myklebust@ntnu.no
Contact: Ragnhild.Eleftheriadis@sintef.no

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Read more about our CSA Cluster activities and Newsletters on www.focusonfof.eu

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